ANSAE is relatively new brand. We hit the market turn of the year 2004 to 2005. However at the base of that appearance there was a four year period of trials ,research and overall work which brought us up into the point when formal creation of the make had been announced. At the foundation of this all work was obviously mainly huge disappointment in regards to the quality of power related products supplied by main stream market. Since the beginning our concepts and product samples had been given very positive feedback from friends ,beta testers and familiar music and good sound enthusiasts.

Following modifications and further progress were just natural things to come after all positive response and listening sessions in due. As from the start me did not really think to turn professional way ,the costs were no object and we never really took any decision which could result in compromise to the sound. We always had been obtaining the best possible from the market to get our goals ,what is often unlike on the commercial market.

Hence ,when the time came and we did a step forward we had already a great and completely finished products to start with. From rise we had been classified high by competent media and our first power cord “LAMAT” had been heralded by “HiFi & Music” magazine to be very high end product with highest recommendation. Next to join that company became our Power Tower power strip. As a cord she past all test brilliantly and left reviewers room with five stars tag and highest possible notes too. Further tests and positive recognition given to our products crowned our position on the market and helped to establish company.

We trying to be loyal to ourselves and always follow two main rules.

1st – as you possibly noticed there is just a few products in our line ? Why – due to our devotion for the perfection. We always work to create one and only compromise less product. Then, since we are in business and understand the rules we simplify our reference down a bit to set up ranges and make our product affordable for the customers as much as we can without putting our name on the risk of shame. It is obvious then if we have to do that ,we prefer to do it as rare as it is only possible.

2nd – keeping to simplify the circuits, stay passive and never go back to active again. We cut out separating transformers and coils at the initial stage of our work from our filters. Till moment we opened this statement had been already decided and confirmed with our researches. Following years proved that it was a wise choice. With quick rising number of manufacturers following that trend, and giving up their active designs which had been so strong promoted before, we knew already that we won that battle.

Ansae Ansae Ansae