Ansae - Hi-fi & Music magazine AWARD 2014

Hi-fi & Music magazine AWARD 2014

Ansae Power Tower SE/SUPREME

ANSAE power system includes Power Tower (vertically standing) and power cables, rated with highest price in the Polish producer catalogue. A full set, which delivers power to the playing source (i.e. CD player) and integrated amplifier is valued above 20 kPLN. Considerable changes imposed to the sound represent outstanding value for money especially for those Audiophiles who owe their “dream” audio system and wish to make them want to listen to the music. It is hard to believe how stunning difference ANSAE makes in sound of your own audio set. We would rather compare it to the high class upgrade of loudspeakers or amplifier then the small improvement in the quality of sound. The clarity of details, smooth perception of the musical experience together with tonality and texture - in these aspects change is noticeable even for an uninvolved listener. In fact it requires only a minute with exceptional sound to spot a difference. The decision to keep ANSAE power system in our editorial office was taken within seconds. If you are looking for “power refining device” for your own audio system, that not only protects equipment against unexpected events, but also gives “a live experience” to your beloved music, you better count the cash. What is very important, the power system gives the highest value added used as a set. Indeed, a single power cable will bring some change, but with complete power system incredible synergy effect comes out. Music simply sounds more natural.
Ansae - Hi-fi & Music magazine AWARD

Hi-fi & Music magazine AWARD

Ansae Power Tower SE/Muluc

We had been listening to all Ansae products ever build. Company always recommended to listen to them together, treating them a s a system rather than separates. And they were absolutely right. Complete power front containing Power Tower SE strip and Muluc power cords to match is something well worth saving for.

Electronics armed with Ansae powerful weapon becoming hyper natural and their muscles grow rapidly.
All important factors of one would describe as highest fidelity marks had been ticked right.
We have a great pleasure to announce that this wonderful products carries “Made in Poland” tags.

Ansae - Distinction from Hi-fi & Music magazine

Distinction from Hi-fi & Music magazine


“Compromise” or “ Matching bottom line” remains completely unknown expressions in Ansae’s Guide for Job Well Done. Every next product seems to be a Step Up on young’s company path and a set up for the new standards again.

Muluc is company’s current flagship power cord and on the other hand the most honest cable on the market. It does nothing . It doesn’t improve anything, doesn’t tune the sound or even fight against lack of musicality. However if you put it in to right system it shows straight on the class.

The system class of course. Everything just appears immediately and simply is there. On the right place. Have to be experienced to be believed.

Ansae - Distinction from Hi-fi & Music magazine

Distinction from Hi-fi & Music magazine


One of biggest surprises of the year. Polish Young Lions with no excuses joins rather exclusive League of Extraordinary Power Devices. And not that only, they rule it now. ANSAE’s Lamat seams to have fundamental influence to the sound. It makes all its aspects redefined.

More details, coherency and overall balance. Spatial abilities and palpability in 1000$ level reached new threshold now. Untouchable for imported contenders. Real BARGAIN !!!