Nov 26 2013

Unlike electricity, time is impossible to tame

Unlike electricity, time is impossible to tame. We all had been loooking forward to the next edition of Audio Show and when it came, it was gone so quickly that we hardly ever noticed it. Fond memories of the visitors who came to see our expo are still with us. Much like in the past years, we organised the expo with our friends from Albedo and Troks companies, whom we would like to thank again now. We hope that you you had a chance not only to see our products but also to meet the companies; owners who have an absolute passion for high-end sound and hi-fi equippment.
Nov 16 2013


Memories, memories; AKAI GX 747 was our flagship product at the expo.
Nov 13 2012

Room 401 - ANSAE / Albedo - Whatever we got, you welcome to it.

However, how good cables are they have one shortcoming, they can not play your music themselves unless you hook them into something. Needs then had been fulfilled. On this occasion speakers used were Scottish ART Loudspeakers with ALNICO magnets and Precision Reference Power Triode Monoblocks TRX-M845 - 60kg, triode 845 based monsters in parallel configuration, giving mighty 50 watts per channel. As a sources Signature 3D Systemdek turntable and separated Reimyo player (transport CDT-777 and DAP-999 DAC) had been used. To complete electronics quality and abilities all had been wired with an ALBEDO Metamorphosis reference series cables. Power front had been assigned to ANSAE, as usual when non compromise solution is needed. As always they didn't disappoint presenting their top range Supreme power cable that replaced company previous reference - Muluc Supreme.

The result? Perhaps even better than the Tulip's one. Arts had been controlled absolutely. Sound was neat, very musical and fabulously smooth, but the bass control became extraordinary. I have not heard them before playing like that and I am really familiar with the brand and used to the sound.
To make long story short, it was one of the systems that I could take home as it is and for many years I would not be even thinking about changing anything in it.

Source: Audiostereo

Nov 12 2012

Audioshow 2012 - Summary

A wonderful system containing products from different brands but sharing philosophy of sound closely and complementing each other if perfectly matched Top Reymio's two box player and Systemdeck's turntable with ART. Audio's preamplifier and TRX-M845 SE Reference monos from Triode Corporation of Japan, I was awaiting a long time to hear. Being class A parallel single-ended configuration with big 845 employed not just in output stage, but also 1st amplification circuit, they pumped whole their subtlety into ART. Speakers via Albedo top range cables, supported by Ansae's complete current reference front end.
Nov 11 2012

I hereby declare that 16th edition of Audio Show became a history!

This year's show brought together a record number of exhibitors - as many as 82 (for 2011, which was also a record in this respect, it was "only" 75 companies). The number of rented space and rooms - we had available to use was the biggest one to date too.. For comparison - in 2007 we had 'only' 60 rooms, and so over the five years the exhibition has grown by nearly half.

This year, the exhibition had also seen a record number of journalists. We had three television crews that visit resulted in seven broadcasts on different TV channels. (TVP1, TVP2, TVP INFO). The main News Blocks on both National Channels reported event in their peak times for very 1st time in the history. Info presented clips from an exhibition in different times during a day.

Our team also invited fellow editors and reviewers of 6moons - the world's most popular webzine dedicated to Audio Industry on the planet. We had a pleasure to host famous Dutch couple Maria & Henk ,who's writing puts the light for dark audio paths for many of us. The report should soon be published on the newspaper.
This year show attendance was slightly higher than a year ago and reached the number of 7,114 person.

Saturday was absolutely the peak - never during the show as many people visited us in one day. Many guests decided to visit to the Audio Show on the first day. The queue before opening gained about 60 meters and practically remained like that till lunch time, when we finally managed to serve such an overwhelming interest. It was the first time I saw the queue in Bristol Hotel - when I arrived there at 10:40 the queue went down to the bottom of the stairs and out into the street. This trend continued on Saturday, but, not on Sunday. While even the most die hard audiophiles arrived ordinary people, apparently preferred to stay in their homes.

Luckily, next year Independence Day falls on Monday, so there won't be this kind of choice. And at the same time there will be cool, 3-day weekend, which historically has always helps.

Source: Audioshow 2012

Oct 05 2012

Audioshow 2012

ANSAE is delighted to confirm their attendance at the Audioshow 2012 on the 10/11 of November.
See us in ROOM 401 in Jan III Sobieski Hotel in Warsaw.  We prepared many attractions for our visitors .
Entire new line of products will be supplied on display for a very first time since we renewed our catalogue and redesigned our website.
All of them had been already highly regarded during their first time appearance on London National Audio Show 2012 at Whittlebury Hall Hotel and phrased by international fellow editors. In fact We are just awaiting for our first formal reviews in British press.

We are looking forward to see you at the Show ;)