I used to be very sceptic when it came to hi-fi products made in Poland , specially sort of like power cables ,strips or conditioners. I always believed that proper CDP ,amplifier , set of cables to connect them all together and decent speakers are all we need to enjoy the music playback fully. I could not be more wrong ,however. All changed once ,when encouraged by audiophile friends I decided to go for Lamat power cords supplied by young Ansae company from Gdynia. They had been obviously a step ahead regarding understanding what a good power front is capable to do. Then it took me lots of hours I spent alone listening to these in my both systems until I reached the point I could say that ,now – I understand.

1st system:
ROTEL RA 1070 + ROTEL RCD 1072 + Bowers and Wilkins 705
Audioquest Bedrock speaker cables and Monsterlink Z200i Reference interconnect.

2nd system:
Musical Fidelity X- 150 + MUSICAL FIDELITY X-RAY V3 + ProAc Studio 125
With exactly the same cables as above .

Both listening sessions were incredibly interesting due to both systems present completely different approach. Rotel with B&W remains vigorous and it keeps pumping energy into performance all the time and have no mercy for bad released recordings or any other faults . On the other hand MF set up with Pro Acs is all about relax. Sound is balanced all the time ,midrange is forwarded and favoured by electronics and solidly anchored in a meaty ,a bit woolly bass. Most recording sins is forgiven and sound stays pleasant whatever we put into the player. Both have pluses and minuses ,obviously ,but what is more important ,as they have its own character and for this reason become boring after long time spent with.

Sooner or later listener starts to analyse and compare all good and bad things instead just keep listening to the music and enjoying it. And here is when a miracle happened. After Lamats had been connected both systems became well balanced with their characters purely revisited.

In "On Every Street" – (Dire Straits) Mark Knopfler's voice , previously hidden on B&W deep in the scene, stepped eagerly towards the listener and brushes in "Fade to Black" had great reverb that was missing before. And finally it was possible to hear sticks hitting the plate! !. To remain accurate until the end need to say that here and now: All you sceptics, if you are looking for perfect control of bass, treble duration, extended vocals, extensive deep stage - this is the only power cord known to me capable to embody the music ... at home.



  • › ideal bass control
  • › sparkling treble
  • › precise midrange
  • › incredibly deep stage



Audio system

Set 1 – ROTEL RA 1070 + ROTEL RCD 1072 + Bowers and Wilkins 705, Audioquest Bedrock, IC Monsterlink Z200i Reference
Set 2 – Musical Fidelity X- 150 + MUSICAL FIDELITY X-RAY V3 + ProAc Studio 125, Audioquest Bedrock, IC Monsterlink Z200i Reference