I tried many different cords before I bought Mulucs. Latest one I had were Nordost Shiva on valve amplifier and silver Sonus Olive on my CDP. My friend mentioned the brand to me and strongly recommended an audition. So I did. Let me say that here. I am not a believer. Before my hard earned dosh will go anywhere I need to experience if what I am going to get for is absolutely the best money wise direction to go. ANSAE guys were flow to work with. We set up demo in my own rig. Gentleman arrived with all products I asked for: Imic , Muluc and Lamat. To try them all at one go.

Once I plugged Muluc in to my CDP I immediately knew that it’s gonna be a keeper. In my 47 sq. meter room I never had such a soundstage before. It build up back and wide and become even more open. My room has always had good acoustics ,but I never expected it might be THAT good. Different demo equipment I occasionally listen to in retailer’s dedicated rooms never got even close to that ,doesn’t matter the price. Bass became lower, and a more controlled. There are always some details in mix which are not a part of the tune but remains noticeable (growls, grunts, etc.) and are part of acoustic portrait.

Now they became present in completely new way. Not appearing as an equal sounds ,but giving you this feeling of being there ,in this specific environment where recording had been taken. Music turned to God blessed flow. Class. Where the silence is – there it is. When brass is bashing hard ,you know that too. Muluc builds sound space in very spatial and 3 dimensional way. That encouraged me to make some changes to my speakers positioning.

I moved them up a little and my sofa went a bit toward too. It enhanced holographic image even more and the stage became deeper with more precise location. Shiva on my amplifier could nor stand against Muluc’s power either. Hence had been replaced too. Additionally I found another benefit coming from using the same cords on both units. Their synergy crossed over and added something more to overall presentation. Next step, after such a positive findings, was separating my audio line from all the rest of messy appliances which always live in every house and are keeping seriously down grading sonic abilities of your equipment. Two separated lines had been isolated from my fuse box and ran directly to analogue and digital units in my system.

Finishing touch was adding gold plated outlets to match the quality of PC plugs. Not cheap solution either ,as it never is with Furutech. But such is a price for the best. They were worth it as they enhanced decays and made sound coherent even further. The results is a bit like improving directional characteristic of speakers by tuning crossovers. Many little advises which I took during this auditions became a habits and now I can not believe I was really able to listen to my music w/o them before. Little improvement which my gold fuse brought to the table before ,became completely meaningless after. So why I bought it.

Honestly there was no way back after I heard it working in my room. Much better upgrade than buying new amp for a twice as much IMHO.



  • › space
  • › detail
  • › neat and precise bass
  • › neutrality


Sonically – none. But... It does not come cheap

Audio system

- amplifier IA8417, Lorelai by Andrzej Marków
- DAC - Fikus Lampizator, Level 5
- CEC TL51X – by Fikus

- QBA - MEx

- power: 4x Muluc, 2x Power Tower, Tara Labs Air
- IC: Bazodruty
- speaker: Shunyata Lyra + Shunyata Andromeda
- digital: Pulsar Ag (by V-cap)