For the very 1st time I experienced ANSAE power cables few years back when my fellow editors brought me 2 Muluc PCs and recommended to listen to them privately at home . I knew nothing about the company at that point. They had no webside this day and googling did not brought any help either. All I knew was what I could see. That they are fat , stiff and incredibly well build. That’s it. But I recognised the quality. At that moment I was already looking around to find final power solution for my system. Obviously I was familiar with leading products on the market and had some good experience with different strips, filters and cords. If I remember correctly, I previously tortured Fadel power strip and PAL Powerbox conditioner. Also Nordost power cables from Brahma to Shiva. Meanwhile, Polish cables, which I still did not know anything about simply wiped all this highly regarded stuff out !

I remember that I have been listening carefully. Without rushing things up. And at the end of a day it were Mulucs I kept getting back to. Since that I became more interested in the company, and of course as soon as I could, wanted to see how it works as dedicated system.

In the meantime, I checked other options, borrowed a variety of bars and conditioners. Latest long time encounter was N6-2300K Dragon by Neel .It was pretty good, but terribly uncomfortable to use. I would not say anything wrong about Neel’s PC’s either, but once I switched to Power Tower and Mulucs I even did not bother of listening to anything else or make any comparisons. And when I had to part with them for a week, I rather preferred not listen to anything than connecting some miserable kettle cords via computer extension lead. Description of that impact to the sound made by ANSAE is surprisingly easy. They improve everything. Simple.

The greatest clarity, precision, spatial location, the size of the stage, bass control and dynamics affecting directly neutrality of playback. But not trading off consistency or colour in the same time. Sometimes, when you change one item in the path you notice and appreciate an improvement .But also you can hear that some aspects of the sound were better in the previous configuration and now they gone. I had most of such dilemmas with power cords . Nordosts, for example, were very detailed, but they lacked colour and smoothness. Neel’s quite opposite. They had great bass and nice tonal balance, but in my system they were too calm and relaxed. However when I plugged ANSAE I always noticed just advantages. This is a great achievement. Currently I have the full power front from the company running straight from the fuse box.

A special cable is running under the floor and finished with Furutech’s socket. Same which can be found in Power Tower filter , just sporting different housing to wrap it as an outlet. More on this topic I wrote in my room, description so I will not be quoting the same here. But all together builds up into the complete playback system and is very important element for final results.

One may believe that these are just finishing  touches and as such doesn’t make a great difference, but in fact they do. And at this level it is specially important to not loose even smallest system performance abilities. A man accustomed to the sound - his, well pampered and patiently polished sound, will be walking around seriously frustrated if there will be even single element not as perfect as it can be. This is how ANSAE works and many of us have already had the opportunity to find out. We listen, we appreciate, but it's really about the scale and quality of the changes which became audible only when we go back to the previous rig. Therefore be prepared. I’d like immediately warn all those who are not ready for such an expensive solution - do not try, because you will need to sell a TV, furniture, cat, kidney and whatever else after.

I feel sympathy for those who still can not recognise the meaning of good power front. And most of those who under the impulse of sudden inflow of cash had bought some other expensive conditioners or boutique power cables having trust in brands more than in own senses. They have no run against ANSAE in my opinion .

I verified that by experience. For me it's the end of the problem and power issue resolved for long..

Power System

  • Author: Tomasz Karasiński
  • Date: 15.10.2007
  • Source: