I mentioned PTS before, when I was writing about Muluc PCs. Adding it to PF executed even more goods from already great set up. Call it a synergy. I wanted to write about my positive experience with it back in time there ,but after visit on Warsaw Audio Show I put it on hold. The reason for this were my findings after I experienced the sound in ANSAE room. I guess so the further improvements came after separation analogue and digital power fronts. I was in rather fortunate position having two parallel lines already done at my own place. An old one remembered building the house ,and a current one done by ANSAE technical department. Old is just an ordinary line as all of us have at home ,just separated.

The new one is made with highest purity cable ,bigger diameters and additionally screened against RMI/RFI. Comparing one to another is like riding Opel Corsa against Porche Carrera. One may say they both take you back home ,but it is not exactly the same ride, isn’t it. Unlike the car I kept old line and sometimes switching over when I am dealing with some die hard sceptics or people who have no idea about the subject. They usually leaving place devastated with shaking hands and a vision of upcoming mortgage to pay back. Such a life. Good things do not come cheap, but there is no reason to say that they do not exist. Needless to say that I asked for a loaner of another Power Tower SE filter and connected my Jazz amp and Sarah CDP separately ,as it was done on the show. I have to say that what I heard just blown my head out.

It does not have any sense to describe all again separately. Results were simply overwhelming in every aspect . All I needed to check was if my credit card can handle it as it had been already decided it’s a keeper. Of course to separate things galvanic (D vs. A ) another run from the fuse box was necessary to build and of course one more PC to power new tower ;) SE up. Never before, even in the best systems, I heard such a combination of energy with an sophistication and a calm relaxed nature of sound. The vast amount of music plankton appears in such a consistent manner so even for a moment one is distract from the whole playback. Once you hear every detail, but it is never separated from the music’s free-flow.

On the top of it there is an incredibly complex and precision stage. Voices and sounds are so real that it makes you scared. So vivid and tonally true that impression of live music is all the time due. I can clearly say that with a hand on my heart that the Power Tower SE is a great bar (or rather filter) and using of separated two takes us into the world of real music played in our domestic space



Overall improvement of all audible aspects, not by small margin.


Ones upon a time I wrote – The price. From today’s point of view however I can see I got a product which remains good over years ,still is highly competitive at upper market and its resale value suppose to confirm it. If you think that you can get one cheap from s/h market you better think again ;) Hence the price is no offence to me any longer.

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