As I previously mentioned in my Muluc PC’s review I had been using Top cords in my system already. Adding filter was just a finishing touch to my power development. I had already held two separate power lines from the box to the CD player and amplifier, 2 outlets and 2 Muluc PCs. First I connected PT SE to my CD player, along with additional Muluc. It bought following changes to the sound:

1. More freedom, best noticeable in vocals,
2. Longer and more free sustain ,
3. The lower, more controlled bass,
4. A significant improvement in clarity. Clear sound is in my opinion the most important factor,
5. Space and dynamics.

This list of changes is kind of "stripping the music out ". Something I do not like to do because you have to listen to the music and understand her complexity. And there's the point. Because of the way how filter adds to the entire system and sound perception it build. .It actually does not change anything ,but it makes all more present and audible. It becomes quieter where it’s needed and same things apply to timing or dynamics. You hear more detail, more palpable presentation in every aspect of the sound you would like to take a close up..

It's hard to go back once you heard it. It should not be used for tuning system or any voicing, when looking for warming, cooling, etc. It is not what it is designed for. If you system doesn’t match right – filter brutally gonna drag it out and you not gonna like it. But if synergy is already there it will really help to show it clear. Thus it might be taken as a best test for components compatibility. The true face of music So. if someone is not ready to go for it I would not recommend trying it as you gonna suffer badly a long time after.



First of all, clarity. In addition, sustain freedom and space.


Optimum effect comes when combined with good power cord and these - together – don’t come for small cost.

Audio system

- amplifier IA8417, Lorelai by Andrzej Marków
- DAC - Fikus Lampizator, Level 5
- CEC TL51X – by Fikus

- QBA - MEx

- power: 4x Muluc, 2x Power Tower, Tara Labs Air
- IC: Bazodruty
- speaker: Shunyata Lyra + Shunyata Andromeda
- digital: Pulsar Ag (by V-cap)