The efficiency and impact of ANSAE power products to the sound of is indisputable. Indeed, simple acoustic recordings for guitar and bass always take advantage of it. But think for example about Symphony ... Here these devices gently, but significantly, " cleared " the sound of more complicated passages. Recordings reached proper separation. In fact, there was a “bit better” in every possible way. Kind of, but at the same time I did not want to get back to the previous configuration.
By the way, stereophonic improved clearly. The soundstage became a bit wider, a bit deeper, a bit better at the same time a bit more filled with details. Quite a few “bits” I must say, if you think that just appeared with adding a few power cords and matching bar, right? So what?

In my opinion ANSAE power front fully deserve honest recommendation. For those looking for final tuning of their systems it might be the final solution. It doesn’t correct the sound (THANKS GOD !) But it makes all recordings more open, uncompressed and understandable. If is that worth asking price that’s another question?

Another point is that it’s good to have under control the current we are feeding our precious audio devices with. Here we got both - full surge protection and an efficient filtering. We also got non banal design to wrap the beauty of complete system and complain its overall, pleasing eyes and ears appearance.

Maybe not the cheapest one, but still remains more fair priced than few others,
and more important – better!

Enough for the money? Yes for me.

Power System