The reason for I changed power cords in my system was an article about power front I read in one of audio magazines Along with a bunch of friends we started listening to different products available on the market. Power cords impact to the sound is easy to hear in our systems. To avoid lost on sale / replacement of current equipment we rather decided to find its full sonic potential. For this reason we kept trying and it finally brought us to ANSAE’s Muluc and Lamat pcs. Muluc was first plugged into an amplifier and then to the player. On the end both units had been powered with them. Improvement of the sound was audible straight on when the music started.

First stereophonic. Speakers have completely disappeared. The depth and the shape of soundstage became wider and more 3 dimensional. Same happened to source locations.

Second - bass became fast and powerful (bass and drums heard been heard clearly playing louder).

Third – midrange appeared more controlled and well defined. With trebles more clean and shining.

It’s worth to add that even single pc makes a difference. Same good on amplifier and cdp respectively , but using them on both summarise good things and adds more to the whole presentation. I thought that having separate power line for my audio there was no need for boutique pcs ,but I had been proven wrong immediately. Same happened to my friend’s systems ,so I am not alone on that field. One of them even said that I had already "squeezed" my speakers abilities to maximum. . For several days he was right but now I know I can go further (ANSA Power Tower). Why I have chosen this equipment you might ask ?
Simply because there was no way back . Once I removed Ansae PCs I could not listening to my music any longer.

I was planning to change tweeters from 9300 to 9500 model in my speakers. But for now, I left it as it is and just listen to my favourite music with pleasure, enjoying the feeling of live performance in my room.



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Price. They are not cheap.

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